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How Building Websites At A Young Age Turned Ernest Lerma Into A Successful Entrepreneur

SCOTTSDALE , ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, Ernest Lerma is an Arizona entrepreneur who has become a successful business consultant. We’ll explore how he did it and what advice he has for other entrepreneurs.

Lerma knows a thing or two about business; he started out as a consultant, helping small businesses to grow and thrive. Today, he’s a successful business consultant with a long list of clients.

Ernest’s secret to success is simple: he knows how to spot opportunities and seize them. Whether it’s helping a client to find new markets or streamline their operations, Lerma has a knack for helping businesses to reach their full potential.

Lerma Started building websites at a young age as a hobby. He then learned the art of building mobile applications.

“Building websites and apps is a bit like playing with Legos” explains – “it’s all about putting the pieces together to create something bigger and better. And just like Legos, there are a ton of different ways you can go about it.

Lerma always knew he wanted to start his own business. At 25, he needed to buy a new computer and equipment, but his credit score was not good enough to purchase with a credit card. He went online to learn more about credit and discovered how the credit scores work. A year later, at 26, he started his first company Squabble Interactive so that he could help others understand how to build their credit, too. Since then, Lerma has become a master in web development and digital marketing, as well as business credit. Ernest has helped consult and contract many different businesses from small businesses to private military and continues to learn every day what it takes to develop successful businesses of all kinds.

In 2021 Lerma Started Waffle Forest a Geo Engineering company that will build the worlds first Tech forest in Phoenix Arizona. His Goals are to help reshape his struggling community of South Phoenix.

The world of entrepreneurship is a tough one. There are a lot of unknowns that can scare or intimidate potential entrepreneurs, especially at a young age. But just like Ernest, people should feel empowered to take on their own small business ventures, even if they might fail. In many ways, failure can be a gateway to future success– especially in the world of business.

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