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Welcome to the official website of Ernest Lerma, a visionary entrepreneur, dedicated researcher and an expert in web design and digital marketing. Ernest is an innovative and forward-thinking digital marketing strategist and business consultant from South Phoenix, Arizona. He is constantly seeking new opportunities to make a difference and improve the world through his work.

Ernest is the Founder and CEO of Waffle Forest, an organization that uses technology to reverse desertification and create the world's first eco-friendly self-sustaining carbon reducing forest. Through cutting edge technology and cloud-based systems, Waffle Forest is able to manage all aspects of the forest, ensuring its health and sustainability for years to come.

Ernest is passionate about using technology to make a positive impact on the environment and the communities that depend on it. He is dedicated to creating a sustainable future through reforestation and carbon reduction efforts. Ernest is constantly learning and using information to solve problems, His goal is to find ways to preserve and protect our planet for future generations. As a web design and marketing expert, he also helps drive traffic and improve the overall appearance of businesses to increase their online presence. Stay updated with Ernest's latest projects and thoughts by visiting his website and following him on social media. Join Ernest on his mission to make a difference!

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Ernest Lerma has a passion for helping people. Growing up in South Phoenix Ernest has overcome a lot of obstacles during his life. From Getting into trouble at a young age to starting a marketing company that has enabled him to really help and impact many of small business across Arizona. From building websites to developing applications Ernest love for learning has taken him from a struggling  teen to a very successful business man. Ernest has also created a credit repair course "bluejay secrets" to help minorities such as himself really make it into the world of business and succeed. IN 2021 Ernest Started Waffle Forest to help combat carbon emissions, and environmental injustice in his hometown of Phoenix Arizona. His goal is to create the first sustainable forest in the desert of Arizona and to help reduce carbon emissions. ​

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